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Outsourcing to Unkar Systems provides fund managers with a number of important benefits including:

  • Experience – Our clients range in size, complexity and needs. We can handle most financial situations.
  • Speed – Reports are generally available within 5 business days or less of our receipt of all financial data.
  • Accuracy – We work with data feeds directly from the broker or bank to limit manual entry of transactions. Our software has a system of automated checks in place to limit errors in data entry.
  • Flexibility – We know that no two funds are exactly the same, so our software was designed to accommodate almost any fund structure.
  • Personal Service – Each client is assigned a specific account representative.
  • Customized Output – Investor statements and other reports can be customized to suit the preferences of individual fund managers.
  • Cost efficient – Our fees are competitive with other providers, and less than employing somone in house.
  • Timely Tax Information – Unkar Systems can produce both United States federal and state investor tax and partnership tax forms shortly after the close of the fund’s fiscal year.

Fund Administration, Middle and Back Office Support

Fund administration can be simple or complex, depending on the strategy, structure and volume. Our software is a general ledger system with complete financial reporting capabilities. Allocations of income and expense and other financial entries are made based on the fund’s legal documents as well as generally accepted accounting principles.

Key benefits:

  • We maintain a set of the fund’s financial books and records
  • Reports customized to your requirements
  • Independent valuations
  • Income and expense accrual
  • Management and Profit Share or Incentive Fee calculations and tracking
  • Assist the fund’s auditors
  • Assist in the preparation of semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Timely and accurate processing of investor subscriptions and redemptions

Financial Accounting and Reporting

We can produce a variety of internal financial reports in PDF and excel formats including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Changes in Financial Condition
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger Listing
  • Performance Tables
  • Daily NAV reports
  • Stock/Futures purchase/sale/merger/gain & loss reports
  • Other client requested reports

Our system can also produce theoretical reports for marketing and track record updating.

Investor Accounting and Reporting

We track all investor financial activity and maintain a complete database of investor information. In addition to storing investor information, our software has the flexibility to accommodate distinct fee structures for different classes or even for different investors in the same class.

Unkar Systems can produce a variety of investor reports including the following:

  • Investor Account Statements
  • Fee Calculation Reports
  • Investor Financial Activity
  • Investor Transaction History Reports
  • Investor Tax Allocation Reports
  • Consolidated Investor Statements (for managers with multiple funds)
  • Investor Summary Reports

Tax Reporting

Tax preparation is an important aspect of managing a domestic fund. Unkar Systems has extensive experience in this area and has produced finished tax reports for some of the largest domestic funds in the US. In contrast to the typical situation where investors K-1s are produced in late March or early April Unkar Systems can produce investor K-1s promptly after the close of the year or completion of the your annual audit.

Unkar Systems can produce Federal and Multi State partnership tax returns. We are able to produce PDF partnership and K-1s on official government forms. We have the flexibility to customize the footnotes and add additional letters or forms. We also have the capability to file the partnership Federal and State returns electronically.

Unkar Systems also has the ability to produce interim or estimate K-1 reports. The estimate reports can be valuable for fund-of-funds that typically receive underlying K-1 investment data after the individual tax submission deadline and funds that anticipate large gains giving their investors an estimate before the final filing.

Broker Dealer Reporting

Our software contains a sophisticated module that calculates commissions or sales fees due to sales agents at multiple levels. This module, which was originally developed for a public fund with thousands of investors, will calculate and report on amounts due at various levels from the broker dealer down to the individual salesman. The system will calculate payments due to wholesalers and will even allow multiple salesmen to share the sales payout on a single client. Reports on fees, commissions, additions and redemptions can be generated at any level.

The sales tracking system accommodates a variety of payout structures. These include front end loads, percentages based on trading commissions, manager fees, management company fees, other fees along with Blue Sky reports. Fee payments can vary by sales representative, by individual client, or by state and may be delayed until after a specific amount of time has passed.

San Francisco, Chicago, and New York

With over 50 years of combined service, we understand our clients’ business and their unique requirements. Once you establish a relationship with your account manager, it will be continuous throughout Unkar Systems’ servicing of your fund.