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Software Systems

CFATS and the RAPID Systems

We are constantly adding new features, functions, reports and interfaces to assist our clients in providing the best services to their investors.

Part of our core features are the CFATS accounting system and the RAPID online investor document portal.


CFATS is our proprietary accounting platform. Initially developed for commodity futures accounting, CFATS has been expanded to support the unique accounting and reporting needs of today’s funds and managed accounts. It streamlines the fund accounting process even for highly complex fund structures with many investors.

CFATS can prepare a fund’s valuations, reports, allocations to partners, calculating and charging of fees, calculation of high watermarks, hurdle rates, track positions including stock, bonds, futures and options. For unit based funds it can calculate the Net Asset Value per Unit, and investor shares. For US funds we can provide the IRS form 1065 and Schedule K-1s, and related state forms.

Although CFATS has been designed to automate the fund accounting process, its unique architecture also provides funds with unparalleled flexibility. The key to this is the system’s ability to segregate investors and financial data into numerous separate series. Each series can then be dealt with separately or combined with other series for the purposes of data entry, fee calculations, income and expense allocation, and report generation. We can also prepare valuations and reports for various accounting periods, including non-standard accounting periods.

RAPID System

Today’s investors want and often expect to receive their statements electronically and/or to access their account information online. However, many private investment funds are not equipped to provide this service to their investors.

The RAPID System is our secure online repository for investor statements and other reports such as newsletters and disclosure documents. This system also allows for documents notification to investors and other interested parties via email. This allows for greater speed with which documents are dispatched to investors and interested parties.